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director/script: Merle Grimme camera: Felix Pflieger & Thomas Spitschka editing: Merle Grimme interviews: Merle Grimme & Felizitas Hoffmann research: Felizitas Hoffmann sound: Michael Prechtl/Rabelle Erian producer: Salome Tomasek production: wirFILM Bertolone & Ehlayil GbR & University of Television and Film Munich (HFF Munich)

Everyone wants children. And once you have children, everything will work out OK. A promise that is not always fulfilled and not for every woman. The film addresses the questions: Why does a woman (not) want children? What effect does it have on her and on her role in society?

Produced for the Short Film Competition of ZEIT Legacy Study

Sponsored by: Federal Foreign Office

In cooperation with: DFA Production - The German Film Academy, infas and WZB



Jury Award - ZEIT Vermächtnisstudie, sponsored by Federal Foreign Office


short documentary film, 16mm


director/script: Merle Grimme camera: Felix Pflieger editing: Merle Grimme sound: Charlotte Funke music/sounddesign: ISOLA MUSIC excecutive producer: Marie Freund & Nicolai Fitzgerald production: University of Television and Film Munich (HFF München)

The separation of work and rest periods is getting lost in our society. It's all about efficient schedules. The world of food has been adapted by the principle of efficiency: On every corner waits something for you that you can eat to go. In a capitalist world, food is reduced to a simple source of energy, without spending too much time with it.

The documenatary "MAL ZEIT" observes the capitalization of food, the hectic way of eating and the resulting loneliness through calm and quiet tableaus.  

100 YEARS OF ARRI (2016)

concept & compilation: Henning Rädlein producer: Nicolai Fitzgerald, Henning Rädlein, A-Ran Bang, Natasza Chrosicki, Kathy Chung, Forest Liu, An Tran editors: Merle Grimme, Aleksej Berkovic RGC, Gregg Bishop, Leslie Eckert, Thomas Erichsen, Christoph Hutterer, Sophie Kill, Zenon Kristen, Florian Leitl, Pierre Martinet, Nathan Morris, Adee Ng, Margret Run, Petra Scherer, Frank Schönfelder, David Scott Smith, Hikaru Suzuki, Bryan Tanori, Yuye Wang, Xepa Creative (HK) Ltd, Min-Jung YEO, Ze Yuan

production: ARRI

Editor for several interviews and short ad's for ARRI's 100th anniversary. (Gernot Roll, Rolf Steinmann, Chris Menges, Dr. Johannes Steurer, Marc Shipman-Mueller, Gerhard Fromm, etc.)


    music video

    director: Christopher Aoun co-director: Merle Grimme camera: Christopher Aoun

      NEUGIER / CURIOSITY (2013)

      short film, fiction

      director & screenwriter: Merle Grimme camera: Manuel Gehrke editor: Merle Grimme sound: Florian Brüggemann producer: Merle Grimme production: University of Hildesheim

      cast: Isabel Schwenk

      A young woman gets stuck in her one-night stand's apartment. Boredom leads her to experiment with the male gender. What is male? How does it feel to be a man? And can a woman pee while standing?

        WARTEN AUF X / WAITING FOR X (2013)

        short documentary film

        director & camera & editor: Merle Grimme, Helena Eckert, Fanny Langner production: University of Hildesheim

        The experiment: What happens if several artists of different art fields have to work on one piece of art without knowing or meeting each other? 

        Festivals & Screenings & Publications:

        Zeitzeug Festival 2014 | conference: Making-of in Hildesheim | Pubication:

          HORTENSIEN HOTEL (2011)

          short film, fiction, 16mm

          director & screenwriter: Merle Grimme assistant director: Konstantin Bock camera: Thomas Tittel lighting designer: Marco Müller sound: Jana Stah, Alexej Ulinici editor: Lana Kloodt producer: Elena Parwan  production: University of Hildesheim

          cast: Ireen Kirsch, Jonas Minthe

          Most films end when a romantic relationship begins. Hortensien Hotel begins when the love ends.

            DIGEL POWERST 2016

            director/concept: Merle Grimme camera: Felix Pflieger camera assistant: Daniel Schäfer editor: Merle Grimme music/sounddesign: ISOLA MUSIC

            production: INKcorporated & Merle Grimme

            Windsor Spring/Sommer 2015


            director/concept: Merle Grimme camera: Marco Müller assistant camera: René Zander editor: Konstantin Bock music/sounddesign: ISOLA MUSIC

            production: INKcorporated & Merle Grimme

            REGRETTING MOTHERHOOD (2017)

            short documentary essay film

            director/script: Merle Grimme & Felizitas Hoffmann camera: Felix Pflieger & Thomas Spitschka editing: Andreas Baltschun sound: Michael Prechtl/Rabelle Erian excecutive producer: Marie Freund/Julian Anselmino

            production: DREIFILM & University of Television and Film Munich (HFF Munich)

            As in many countries, motherhood is something sacred to the German people. This makes it almost impossible to question the status quo, for women to speak openly and honestly about what it means to be a mother. In 2015 a conversation opened up throughout the country, about 'Regretting Motherhood'. This is the first documentary approaching this important debate, giving women a platform to talk freely and anonymously about their feelings and experiences.

            Festivals/Screenings/Talks: creativ laboratory-fem:power Oldenburg 2018 |Göttingen Centre for Genderstudies (GCC) 2018 |dortmunder tresen festival 2018| University of Hildesheim "What We Mean By Feminism" 2018 |bi'bakino Bi'bak 2017|Filmschool Fest Munich 2017 |24th Etiuda&Anima 2017 |Kraków (Poland) |10th filmzeitkaufbeuren 2017 | |11th Fünf Seen Festival 2017 |23rd International Short Film Week Regensburg 2017 | Berlinale Empfang der Filmhochschulen - Pitch 2016

            Nominations: DOK.fest - - marketplace 2017 | Projects Young

            Filmmakers Award 2016 | FINALIST


            short documentary

            director/script: Merle Grimme editor: Merle Grimme camera: Thomas Tittel, Daniel Menzel, Merle Grimme production: University of Hildesheim

            cast: Timm-Christian Schindel, Daniel Menzel, Thomas Tittel, Loifor (band)

            A young filmmaker's struggel to get into the film business without film school. Will he ever be independent or will he get stuck in producing ad's and music videos to pay his rent?


              Filmfest München

              director: Merle Grimme interview: Merle Grimme camera: Felix Pflieger, Moritz Tessendorf editor: Merle Grimme sound: Mila Zhluktenko production: Filmfest München & University of Television and Film Munich

              guest: Dominik Graf

                SPANISCHES FILMFEST BERLIN  (2012)


                director: Timm-Christian Schindel 1st assistant director: Merle Grimme camera: Thomas Tittel original music & sound design: Stefan Troschka art direcor: Daniel Menzel editor: Timm-Christian Schindel production: Lauflicht FILM

                cast: Daniel Brühl, Ronan Favereau Berthelo

                  SCHALLSTÖRUNG / SONIC DISORDER (2010)

                  short film, fiction

                  director: Markus Beck 1st assistant director: Merle Grimme screenwriter: Timm-Christian Schindel camera: Thomas Tittel sound: Ray Böge music by: Michael Reben gaffer: Timo Becker unit manager: Knut Jäger editor: Sascha Zimmermann production: GRANARTE FILM / Doingdamage & Lauflicht FILM

                  cast: Pheline Roggan, Klaus Ebert, Gabriele Erler, Kalle Haverland, Oliver Sauer


                  shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival

                    DIGEL Spring/Summer 2016

                    director/concept: Merle Grimme camera: Adrian Campean editor: Merle Grimme music/sounddesign: Isola Music

                    production: INKcorporated & Merle Grimme

                    Windsor Fall/Winter 2015

                    director/concept: Merle Grimme camera: Merle Grimme camera assistant: Adrian von der Borch editor: Konstantin Bock music/sounddesign: Isola Music

                    production: INKcorporated & Merle Grimme

                    s.Oliver 2014

                    video invitation


                    director/concept: Merle Grimme camera: Christopher Aoun steadicam operator: Peter Schmehl assistant camera/focus puller: Marco Müller editor: Konstantin Bock music/sounddesign: ISOLA MUSIC

                    production:  222 NYC LLC (New York)

                    DIGEL MOVE Spring/Summer 2016

                    director/concept: Merle Grimme camera: Felix Pflieger editor: Merle Grimme music/sounddesign: Isola Music

                    production: INKcorporated & Merle Grimme

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