Creations of Film, Media and Animation




Merle Grimme is a female director, editor, producer, animation artist and illustrator for fiction, documentary film, commercial, music video and theatre.


She is currently studying „Documentary Film and TV-Journalism“ (Dipl.) at the University for Television and Film in Munich and is a scholarship holder of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes.)

In 2014 she successfully finished her studies in Applied Film, Theatre and Fine Arts with the title Bachelor of Arts at the University of Hildesheim.


She works mainly as a female director, producer and editor with agencies in Munich and New York for ARRI, s.Oliver, Windsor, Digel and The Young State Theatre Berlin (video art/animation).


In 2017 Merle Grimme is touring with her most recent documentary REGRETTING MOTHERHOOD in Germany.

Additionally she is post-producing a commissioned production for DFA Production/The German Film Academy in partnership with DIE ZEIT, infas and WZB for The Federal Foreign Office.


Merle Grimme is based in Munich, but also works in Hamburg and Berlin.